After a seemingly endless time at CHANEL/BERGDORF GOODMAN for over 12 years, I have yet again entered the ring with the same dedication but indiffusible charm. I still offer the highest level of services when purchasing my art. The art of capturing the indescribable sceneries and exotic memories-photography!

I was 16 years old when I first held my Canon 35mm and stepped into this exotic world of stillness, yet portraying turmoil in itself. Captivating a blur of colors and endless emotions on a piece of paper hung in your bedroom to cherish a memory, so dear, photos are a mystery in themselves. I went through life, learning and growing, encapsulating wonders in many exciting clicks through many young years.

And yet again, here I am at 44 years old, with a camera in my hand, clicking the play button of this nostalgic world again. Returning fresher and seasoned than ever, I have decided to pursue my passion and feed the raging fire of my ambitions again. But this time, my work is an open book, displayed for the world to marvel at. 

My website provides a great platform for admirers of art and photography. You can visit and enjoy my art gallery in 3D/AR, and if you are inclined to purchase photographs you love, feel free to reach out because I offer free shipping on all art. Filled with extravagant photos of nature and beauty captured by some professional clicks, the art gallery is mandatory to visit the venue. Each one of the photos is my personal work of art, including the editing as well. The ache for art and grace in its purest form lies in human nature, and so I am exceptionally inclusive for everyone living in any corner of the world. My art can be shipped anywhere in the world to satisfy all its admirers. To ensure that these beauties reach you safe and sound, I provide customized padded packaging to protect all art. 

Sprinkling some art here and there all-around your house can bring redundant class and charisma to your surroundings. By drizzling the fairy dust of your aesthetic, make your house look like the real you. I have some inventive and artistic ornamental pieces for a wide range of aesthetics. From alluring furniture to luxury trinkets, you can find anything and everything matching your need. 

One's exterior reflects their sophistication. Clothing is the paint on the canvas of the body, exhibiting their style. My website has a vast range of men's and women's clothing, accessories, bags, and much more. Swarm your closet with some of the extraordinary and best picks in the town. 

Feel welcome to reach out in case of any query or suggestion. Looking forward to your appreciation and endorsement.

Warmest Regards,

Trayvion Brady