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Unveiling my photography talents to the world

Lights, Camera, Action

With a profound passion for photography, I believe it's finally time to share my talents with the world. I am excited to offer specialized photography packages tailored to clients in search of timeless, captivating images that will endure through the ages. Each shot I capture is a testament to my dedication and commitment to preserving life's most precious moments in a way that truly lasts forever. Whether you're seeking a fresh perspective on your portraits, cherished memories from an event, or a unique take on your business's visual identity, I am here to provide photography services that are as unique as you are. It's a journey I can't wait to embark on with you, as we capture the beauty of life one frame at a time.



Leaned against the texture of time-worn bricks, she stands—a fusion of fierce and fashion, a look that says she's ready for anything, styled for everywhere.

Crèam de la CRÈME

High above the city's rhythm, amidst the concrete and steel of a parking structure's rooftop, glamour finds its stage—a sky-high photoshoot where elegance rises above the everyday.

Steaming on the SET

Veiled in a haze of yellow smoke, the world stands still, as the camera captures a moment where mystery dances with color, and every snapshot tells a story of intrigue and allure.

The Art of Photography by TRAYVION


"Are you seeking a photographer to capture your special moments? Whether it's a small event, an intimate portfolio headshot, or a stylish influencer shoot, I'm here to help. Please feel free to inquire about my availability and pricing. Let's create some beautiful memories together!"

"Enhancing Photography Artistry: Finished on High-Quality Frames"


When it comes to framing my photography art, my unwavering commitment is to select only the highest quality frames that truly enhance the visual impact of the artwork. My preference leans towards wide lacquered finishes in either elegant black or pristine white frames, sourced directly from Italy. These frames not only exude a sense of timeless sophistication but also offer unparalleled craftsmanship. To further customize the presentation, I provide clients with the option to choose a pure white matte or forego it altogether. This flexibility allows clients to build a look that best complements their unique space while ensuring that the essence of the art remains at the forefront, captivating viewers with its beauty and depth.


My Fine Art Giclee Prints Are made With High-Quality Archival Inks On Fine Art Papers And Canvas. We Only Use Industry-Leading Printers & Media For The Highest Quality Prints. Order Today! We Make Sure Your Best Foot Is Forward, & We Guarantee You'll Be Happy With Your Print. Long Lasting Museum-Quality Photography Art, Custom Sizes & Finishing Using Archival Pigment Inks.

Interior Design

Art For The Home

"Art transforms a house into a home, adding personality and warmth. It's a reflection of your unique style and tastes, inviting joy and inspiration into your everyday spaces. Embrace art that speaks to you and watch your home come alive with character and beauty." ~TRAYVION

Winter In Summer

The Art of Photography

Running Away

"A gentle breeze whispers secrets as it dances over the serene sand dunes, bending the grass in a graceful ballet of nature's tranquility."


"Interwoven steel cables, a testament to human ingenuity, stretch across the bridge, their intricate patterns fading into the depth, symbolizing strength and connection."

Fair Winds

"Stretching into the horizon, the long pier bears witness to a solitary fisherman, casting his line with patience and hope, silently conversing with the vast, whispering sea."

Cloudy Sky

"As clouds drift lazily overhead, they cast fleeting shadows over the bridge, creating a moving tapestry that weaves together the realms of sky and earth."

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