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The Summer Evening!
I decided to leave my office after hours of a hectic Friday. The idea was to run away from it all in search of some gentle wind, some peace of mind. I made it to the Jersey Shore, but kept going and going until the bustling beaches gave way to. Well, this was amazing. I didn't think I would come across anything like it. But behold, an enchanting combination of land, ocean, and sky set against the warm light of the setting sun on a nostalgic summer evening, free from all the signs of adulteration of a cunning human hand, taking you back in time, abating your lust for all things worldly. It's rare to come across such pure scenes. So I couldn't resist capturing my first portrait after a gap of many years.
The ocean lying flat like some sleeping leviathan, the land vying for attention with intrigue and deception, and the sky tying the two together with cold indifference to their dissension, their interplay is exotic and timeless. However, the lazily floating clouds, lit by the setting sun, portray an act of defiance and free will, giving one final twist to the plot.
While living in the society is ever-changing and dynamic, this wilderness, with all the elements of nature in play, tells an eternal tale of a forever repeating cycle, a cycle that is indifferent to all our ambitions, our politics, and our suffering. Yet this cycle creates life as we know it and everything it entails. The universe might be callous for the most part, but there sure is room for volition, for hope. This summer evening feels like a celebration of that hope.
It's so basic and yet so complete. There is part of you that wants to call this place home. But you still walk away, fearing that any movement, any interference on your part might spoil this sublime balance and lead to chaos.
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